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Life's moments are meant to be special. Feel it in your bones

Life can be mundane at times, but then there are those special moments that make it all worthwhile, no matter your age. Imagine the disappointment if you had to miss out on any of it, just because you did not have the foresight to look after your bone health from an early age.

Bone in your body is a living, dynamic organ which continuously remodels itself by breaking down old bone and replacing it with new bone.101 It is a constant process throughout your life, but by the age of 25 to 30, most people have reached peak bone mass.2 As we age, the delicate balance of building and breaking down bone shifts, and more bone is broken down than is being built.101 In fact, women can lose almost a third of their bone mass between 45 and 78 years of age, and men 15% . When bones lose their density, they could become thin and brittle, a condition called osteoporosis.33 Thin, brittle bone can break more easily, which could lead to disability, and which can make taking part in life's special moments extremely difficult.33

Why run the risk? Establishing healthy lifestyle habits and getting enough weight-bearing or resistance exercise 3 or 4 times a week is a good start.2,45 But, modern-day diets and busy lifestyles, may fall short of supplying the essential nutrients your bone needs to stay healthy and strong.10

So, what are the important bone nutrients?

There are 5 important bone nutrients: calcium, vitamin D3, magnesium, vitamin K2, and vitamin C.17,18,76Your body cannot make calcium. A bone health supplement can help provide enough calcium in addition to your diet. However, vitamin D3, magnesium, vitamin K2 and vitamin C also have important roles to play.18,57,82 Vitamin C supports the function of cartilage, a tissue that surrounds bones and protects against friction between bones and joints, thereby providing a soft framework for bones and ensuring bone flexibility.17 Magnesium is an all-rounder nutrient for bones and muscles and may assist with muscle cramps, working together with vitamin D to help ensure that calcium is absorbed from your diet.79,83,84 Vitamin D is essential for calcium to be absorbed from the intestine. It also plays a role in supporting growth of bones and maintenance of bone health.57 Then there is vitamin K2. This vitamin directs calcium to your bones to strengthen them, and away from your arteries (calcium deposits in arteries increase the risk for heart disease).76,85

So which supplement should you choose?

B-CAL®-K2 is a bone health supplement that contains 5 of the important bone nutrients, but most importantly, it includes vitamin D3, magnesium and vitamin K2, which helps ensure that calcium is directed to your bones and not your arteries.17,18,76,85 Just one B-CAL®-K2 tablet per day will help support stronger bones and muscle function and help prevent your bones from becoming thin and brittle. Don't miss out on life's special moments. Go and get your B-CAL®-K2 at your local pharmacy today.

The B-Cal® range is the number 1 prescribed calcium supplement range in South Africa.46