Bone Health Throughout Life

Healthy bones matter throughout life.


Childhood & Adolescence

By the age of 16, we have acquired 95 % of our peak bone mass.



Between the ages of 25 and 30, our peak bone mass has been reached.


Senior Years

The average bone loss between 45 and 78 years is 30 % for women and 15 % for men.


Bone building and bone break down

Bone is a dynamic organ, continuously undergoing a self-generation process (remodelling) where old bone is removed and replaced with new bone. This process is tightly balanced to maintain bone mass and strength.

With aging (after age 35) this balance shifts in a negative direction, favouring greater bone resorption and less bone formation.

The bone-building phase in young adults takes three to four months, even longer in older people or those with osteoporosis.

Peak Bone Mass means our bones have reached their maximum size and strength. This is usually achieved by the age of 25-30 years, and it is the greatest amount of bone any individual will attain in their lifetime.

Achieving strong bone mass and strength before the age of 35 is crucial to ensure protection against the risk of osteoporotic fractures that may occur later in life.


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